NJ Tigers

Can I See Tigers In NJ? I spend a lot of time in New Jersey, and when it comes to tigers, it might not be the most natural place to see them, but there are actually a few zoos close by that are family friendly and have good tiger attractions. In NJ, there is the […]

A Tiger’s Stripes

So why do Tigers have stripes? I’ve been lucky enough to have traveled and talked to many zoologists and tiger conservationists about my favorite big cat. I was hoping to have found out some secret or at least relatively unknown information about the tigers stripes. Unfortunately, I kept getting the same answer that you will […]

Tigers – When They Attack

Yes, Tigers are beautiful and even seem cuddly at times, but we must remember that they are wild animals. It is in their blood to hunt and be at the top of the food chain. Whether they are in captivity, like zoos, and used to having people around or not, they must be respected and […]

Thanks for checking out my new Tiger blog!

Hello to all the Tiger enthusiasts out there! Thanks for taking a look a my blog (Tiger Wildlife Tours India). I am still getting things going here but I figured I’d start out at the beginning. I want this blog to be informativeĀ as well as fun and interesting.   So let’s start with some of […]