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TigerCubHello to all the Tiger enthusiasts out there! Thanks for taking a look a my blog (Tiger Wildlife Tours India). I am still getting things going here but I figured I’d start out at the beginning. I want this blog to be informative as well as fun and interesting.


So let’s start with some of the basic information and see where we go from there.

The Panthera Tigris, or Tiger as we know it, is the largest of all the big cats. They have been recorded just over 11 feet long and up to approximately 860 lbs. That’s no simple house cat. That is a massive powerhouse of a feline that is unfortunately now on the endangered species list because of the drastic loss of numbers, now totaling somewhere just under 4,000. This could be directly related to the expansion and growth of the human population into the tigers old habitat. Because of this, the area of their natural habitat has shrunk by over 90% of what it used to be, scattering them and forcing them to try and exist in areas that are only a fraction of the land they used to inhabit.

They are probably the most recognized out of all the large cats because of their beautiful orange / golden coloring and bold black stripes. It’s hard not to talk about a tigers colors without mentioning the White Tigers. The whiteness is caused by a recessive gene that both parents have to carry. When this is the case and the parent tigers decide to get busy, out comes a baby white tiger. Because they are popular, they are seen more in captivity. The downside to this is that there is often a lot of inbreeding, leading to defects and shorter life spans.

Tigers tend to live alone for most of their lives, eating, mating, and marking their territory. It’s a pretty simple life, but doesn’t sound too bad to me. Since Tigers are now on the endangered list, conservation efforts have increased to keep the population at a good number. This is constantly threatened by poachers, but governments in places like India, Russia, and China have been doing their part to fight back and help conserve safe habitats for these animals.


Have there been tiger attacks on people? Yes, but not because these are evil or deranged animals, but because humans have been encroaching on their territory for decades. Not only are tigers predatory, but they are also very territorial. Anyways, I’d rather not think about that too much. I’d rather see these creatures as beautiful and majestic. They have personalities and quirks just like any other animal that you might have gotten to know.


If you have any desire to donate or get involved with conservation, or even just traveling to see these wild tigers in other countries, there are many groups you can get in touch with. Through my travels, I have had the pleasure of meeting many compassionate people who are involved with taking care of tigers in captivity in the U.S. as well as going to India and Asia to help support their conservation cause overseas. There are organizations from CA to NJ that give so we can keep seeing the Tiger population increase in numbers year after year. I would hate to worry about not having these animals around to admire anymore.


Anyway, I guess this post wasn’t all that fun and light-hearted,  but I hope it might have been a little informative. Next time I’ll shoot to give you some stories that are a little more personal and interesting from my travels. Until then. . . . .


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